Quirky holiday traditions

1) Christmas Eve surprise cookies “The day before Christmas, deliver cookies to those who have to work; firefighters and policemen, nurses at the hospital, even airline employees at the airport. It’s a small, simple way to cheer up their day when they would probably rather be with family than at work.” (http://ow.ly/rQFF4)

2) Have a Storybook Meal “Each year Geri selects a secret theme and spends weeks shopping for the right decorations and props, such as monkey masks for her Curious George breakfast, chockful of foods containing bananas—from fruit salad to banana bread, pancakes and pudding.Before the meal is served, her children, Margee and Ryan, and their younger cousins have to figure out the story based solely on the decorations and appetizers—a guessing game that usually has everyone laughing. Next, the youngest child reads the storybook aloud. Then presents are opened, and afterward, they all sit down for breakfast.” (http://ow.ly/rQCrA)

3) Go Swimming “Our family has a pretty unique activity tradition. Every year on Christmas Eve afternoon, we take the kids swimming at a local recreation center. It’s a fun activity when it is winter, and we learned many years ago that a couple of hours swimming led to an early bedtime and quickly going to sleep.” (http://ow.ly/rQCeR)

Visit http://ow.ly/rQABY and http://ow.ly/rQCXx for more ideas!

What unique tradition does your family practice?




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