A Goat Café in Tokyo Wins Over City Dwellers

How very interesting. Thoughts?


So long, cat cafes. A new animal has taken feline’s place in the heart of at least some Japanese urbanites, and it’s much more pastoral.

Sakuragaoka Café in Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya district lets customers spend quality time with two very special goats. According to Reuters, Rena Kawaguchi bought the the animals three years ago. “Back then animal cafes were booming, places where you could play with cats or dogs,” she told the newswire. “But we reckoned a normal animal like that wouldn’t have the wow factor of a goat.” It was only after owner Kawaguchi began taking the goats, Sakura and Chocolat, on daily walks throughout the city that Tokyo inhabitants began flocking to the café, however.

(VIDEO: Paying for Petting Time in Japan’s Cat Cafés)

Goats are not as easy to take care of like some of Tokyo’s more beloved feline creatures. The pens are…

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