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Get organized. Get rid of clutter, and unwanted items that are weighing you down. 

Top 3 tips: 

1) “Make everything a one-handed operation.” For example, don’t hide your laundry basket in the back of the closet. Instead, use an open bin that you can throw your clothes into from across the room. Avoid lids at almost all costs. Using open containers for things you use often like toiletries and cooking supplies makes it easier to put them away. 

2) Flat surfaces like your dining room table, entryway table and kitchen counters tend to accumulate piles faster than any other spot in the house. Clear all flat surfaces as an evening routine. Fast-ditch trick is to physically block any surface that has become a clutter haven. Ex: put a vase of flowers and place mats on the dining room table. This signals to your brain that this area is a no-dump zone!

3) If a room still somehow looks messy after you’ve cleaned, it’s time to improve your organizational system. You should be able to tidy up in 15 minutes or less. Once you’ve pulled out what you don’t need—to either throw away or donate—the next step is to group things together based on use or occasion and store them in open, square containers. 

Read more: How to Organize Your Home – Secrets of Professional Organizers – Woman’s Day 



Read more: How to Organize Your Home – Secrets of Professional Organizers – Woman’s Day 



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